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Riyadh is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia. It is also the capital of Riyadh Province, and belongs to the historical regions of Nejd and Al-Yamama. It is almost situated in the center of Saudi Arabia, and is home to over 5 million people.


Riyadh has developed from a small city into a dynamic metropolis over the years. Riyadh is important for both travel and trade. The governement promoted growth by privetizing industries (power and telecommunications) from the beginning of the oil exploration. Most of these new companies have their headquarters in Riyadh, making it one of the biggest business cities in the Middle East. Banks did the same.


The majority of the Riyadh residents are Sunni Muslims. Riyadh has a diverse Muslim population from all over the world. There are also a large minority of Asian and Westerner Christians. Riyadh has received millions of visitors from all over the world. The population of Riyadh is 60% Saudi and 40% foreigner, many of whom remained and became residents of the city.


Summer temperatures can reach up to 130F (54.4C). The July average is 52C. Winters are mild with cold nights. It receives some rainfall. Hail often falls in Riyadh during winters. It has many dust storms, sometimes so thick, you can't see 10 meters (+/- 35 feet).


The city of Riyadh has a modern higway system, a fleet of busses for public transportation inside the city and several cities in- & outside the country and a railway that will be expanded with 2 more lines, to Mecca and Jeddah, to Buraidah, Ha'il and Northern Saudi Arabia.


Riyadh is home to several universities and colleges and is one of the fastest growing and most prosperous cities in the world.

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